Welcome to Slaker!  Yes, we know that looks an awful lot like “slacker”, but it’s actually pronounced SLAY-KER.  We figured this was a fitting mispronunciation since most of today’s content creators have been called a “slacker” at some point, whether it’s for playing video games, being obsessed with a craft, or choosing to spend time on something that someone else may not see as productive.  Since we’re content creators ourselves and know what this feels like, we’re just going to lean into that when we hear our baby called a “slacker”.

Erica and Kyle (EJSturk & kslo88) started Slaker Merch Co. in August of 2021 with a mission to provide high-quality merchandise, marketing, and e-commerce solutions to content creators in a business environment similar to a co-op.  We understand that every dollar of a creator’s income is significantly shared with someone else, leaving the creator with what is usually the smallest portion of the profit despite them doing most of the work that generates business.  Here at Slaker, we give the majority of our profit splits to creators so that the merch you purchase here supports them more than us.  Additionally, Slaker owns none of the designs you see on merch here; all rights belong to the creators, giving them ultimate freedom to use the same designs you see here wherever they see fit.

We call those who choose to host their stores with us "collaborators".  If you're interested in joining us, we'd love to chat with you! You can find more details here.

Here from a hype train promo code?  Welcome in!  Thank you for supporting your favorite Twitch streamer via a Hype Train.  Be sure to use your promo code before it expires! 

EJ & kslo88

EJSturk & kslo88