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Slaker Merch provides high-quality merchandise, marketing, and e-commerce solutions to content creators in a business environment similar to a co-op.

Launched November 2021


Joining the Slaker family has been a fantastic decision. Our community loves to support small business, so that's definitely a selling point. All the merch I've received has really exceeded my expectations. Our community loves it. But beyond the merch, Slaker really is a family. The merch design process is truly individualized and I know that the owners care as much about my brand as I do. Creators chat and share news, we support each other's store launches, and we cheer each other on. It's a really positive space to be.

Launched October 2021


Compared to all other merch sites I feel like Slaker actually cares about their creators and puts them first! They have done so much to support me and their communication is brilliant. 100% would recommend.

Launched November 2021


The team at Slaker made switching stores and setting up so easy, PLUS they help so much with design decisions. I can not recommend them enough.

Launched October 2021


The Slaker team makes merch easy. They streamline everything and take the work out of it. If you need design ideas, they are there for you. If you need something fixed, they work hard to get it done within the week. They are very good about making everyone feel like they are part of a family.

Launched December 2021


Never has setting up a merch store been so easy. Slaker does all the hard work and made everything work for me. On top of that they are a supportive community, No, a family who helps each other out continually. I love that with each wild idea they just say OH YES! and make it happen. Best part is I actually make money unlike other merch stores.

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